This program allows workers to develop their interaction skills on a personal, educational, social and professional level.

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This program allows workers to develop their interaction skills on a personal, educational, social and professional level.

Some people who may or may not be immigrants experience difficulties which prevent them from undertaking an active employment search.

Social Assistance and Support Program – Action (in French: PAAS-Action)

The “Social Assistance and Support Program – Action” enables the CACI to accompany individuals who are removed from the job market and who receive social assistance by supporting their socio-professional progress in order for them to take part in an active employment measure.

We give the participants an opportunity to develop specific skills and to put those skills into practice by accomplishing different tasks and by attending training. They also receive psychosocial support which provides them with a certain emotional stability.

Presentation and Objectives

The program has a duration of 20 hours per week and allows for gradual entry. Participation in the program can take place over several years.

It is essential for participants to socialize with people experiencing similar socio-professional integration issues and to gather support from this interaction.

Program duration: up to professional integration

Program Sequence

This potential development program is designed to adequately meet the needs and reality of adults who wish to improve their autonomy, their life skills and know-how and, in this way, better adapt to life in society.

Activities Offered:

  • French conversation workshops,
  • English conversation workshops,
  • Computer courses,
  • Artistic workshops (drawing, painting, sewing, handiwork, knitting, dance, etc.),
  • Employment preparation workshops,
  • Information sessions on subjects related to social integration,
  • Cultural outings (cinema, museum, neighbourhood walk, sugar shack, botanical garden, etc.),
  • Volunteering.

Different topics are covered during the activities, such as:

  • interpersonal relationships,
  • conflict resolution,
  • organizing one’s personal life,
  • budget planning,
  • • lifestyle.

Admissibility Criteria

To be admissible to the “Social Assistance and Support Program – Action”, one must have benefited from a financial assistance program such as the Social Assistance Program or the Social Solidarity Program during the month preceding one’s application.

Reimbursable Expenses

Participants may be eligible for a financial assistance of $ 130 per month in addition to the financial support received as part of the Social Assistance Program or Social Solidarity Program and for the reimbursement of transport or daycare expenses (if applicable).

Make the leap with the Social Assistance and Support Program – Action

Contact Justine Madzo at 514 856-3511 or at justine.madzo@caci-bc.org

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