PAAS Action

The key to your socio-professional autonomy

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PAAS Action

The key to your socio-professional autonomy

Take part in our personalized social assistance and support program to improve your skills, gain confidence and integrate into the job market.

PAAS Action: transform your future!

PAAS Action aims to promote the socio-professional autonomy of people far from the labor market.

Concretely, the CACI helps participants to overcome the obstacles that hinder their socio-professional development and the psychosocial difficulties that they may encounter. Better equipped, they can more easily enter the job market.

Dates and Duration of participation

The program extends over a maximum of 12 months. The start date corresponds to the first business day of the first month of participation and the end date corresponds to the last business day of the last month of participation. Participants commit to devoting 20 hours per week to the program, with gradual integration over a period of three months. An annual renewal of up to five consecutive years may be considered, if necessary.

Program Sequence

In order to strengthen the self-confidence of participants and promote their socio-professional autonomy, the program offers the following activities:

  • Volunteering
  • Employment preparation workshops
  • French and english conversation workshops
  • Computer courses
  • Artistic workshops
  • Information sessions
  • Motivational workshops
  • Cultural outings

Admissibility Criteria

To participate in PAAS Action, it is necessary to be a beneficiary of social assistance or social solidarity programs in Quebec. Asylum seekers are not eligible.

Participation Support Allowance

A monthly allowance of $130 is offered to recipients of social assistance or social solidarity, in addition to their basic benefit. The program also reimburses transportation or child care costs necessary for participation.

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