Psychosocial Support

The CACI is here to listen!

Psychosocial Support

The CACI is here to listen!

We are here for you!

Immigration is a radical change which requires adapting to a new culture and building a new life in the host country. The process of adapting to and settling in a new society can take several years. Most newcomers go through a period of grief and psychological vulnerability and may also experience financial or relationship problems.

If you feel discouraged or that you lost your grounding or if you need help to overcome a difficult period, do not hesitate to come meet our integration counsellors. They will listen to you, give you advice and offer you moral support on a strictly confidential basis or refer you to the relevant organizations.

Need to Reach Us?

Leave your contact information and a member of our team will gladly answer your questions.

Need to Reach Us?

Leave your contact information and a member of our team will gladly answer your questions.

Sensibilisation au harcèlement psychologique et sexuel en milieu de travail

Dans le cadre du projet « Harcèlement en milieu de travail, Connaître, Prévenir, Agir » réalisé grâce au soutien financier de la CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail), le CACI a le mandat de sensibiliser les personnes immigrantes en emploi ou en recherche d’emploi au harcèlement psychologique et sexuel en milieu de travail.

Par le biais de publicités, de rencontres individuelles et d’ateliers de groupe, le CACI explique comment identifier une situation de harcèlement psychologique ou sexuel en milieu de travail, les obligations de l’employeur et les recours possibles pour les victimes de harcèlement.

Pour en savoir plus, visionnez les vidéos ci-dessous et consultez le site de la CNESST.


Are you between 14 and 25 years old?

If so, you are part of the age group that can benefit from this new program which seeks to provide guidance to young immigrants through a variety of activities.

ICI-Jeunesse is a program which is both enjoyable and useful as it provides opportunities for development through artistic, cultural and sports activities which can be practiced individually or in a group.

ICI-Jeunesse also aims to improve the well-being and ensure a better integration of young people by offering them an active and personalized support as they try to access help or specialized services.

To participate in the project

Christian.hyepmou@caci-bc.org or 514 856 3511 extension 229

Raising Awareness of Psychological and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

As part of the project entitled “Harcèlement en milieu de travail, Connaître, Prévenir, Agir” (“Workplace Harassment : Knowledge, Prevention, Action”) carried out with the financial support of the CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail), the CACI has the mandate to raise awareness among immigrants who are working or looking for work of psychological and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Using advertisements, individual meetings and group workshops, the CACI explains how to recognize a psychological or sexual harassment situation in the workplace, the employer’s obligations and the possible remedies for victims of harassment.

To find out more, watch the following videos and visit the CNESST website.


It can be difficult for newcomers to navigate an unfamiliar healthcare system.

The ICI-Santé program offers a variety of services related to the healthcare system and its different actors aimed at giving immigrants information, advice and support regarding the healthcare system and topics such as pediatric care, healthy lifestyle and well-being.

People who are interested have the chance to take part in individual meetings or group sessions, workshops and conferences.

Contact us

reza.farshchian@caci-bc.org / 514 856 3511 extension 268 or at the CACI

Violence is often invisible.

Stop Domestic Violence

Lockdowns aggravate the situation of women who live with an aggressive spouse. In light of this alarming observation, the CACI has taken the initiative to contribute to the fight against domestic violence. It is carrying out this project which seeks both to raise awareness among women from immigrant communities of the issue of domestic violence and to identify women who present risk factors.

The CACI organizes information sessions to inform you regarding the reality of domestic violence against women and to guide and support you in the search for specialized services (homes that assist and shelter women, police services, healthcare, legal services, etc.).

Contact us

514 856-3511

Cours de français, session automne

Cours de français en présentiel

Les cours de francisation sont destinés à tous ceux qui souhaitent apprendre le français. La formation est gratuite et le certificat qui vous sera délivré est valide pour la demande de citoyenneté.

Participation d’allocation journalière de 26 $

Form pré-inscription francisation - EN

Pre-registration Form

THIS IS NOT REGISTRATION. Depending on your eligibility and course availability, we will contact you in the upcoming days for more information. This form is only valid for the Winter Session (from January 8 to March 24, 2024). Filling out this form does not guarantee your registration.